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Sogni una vacanza in Francia? Quimper è quello che fa per te. Offre qualcosa per tutti i gusti e tutte le età, come Saint Corentin Cathedral e Museum of Fine Arts (Musée des Beaux Arts). E l'aspetto ancora più interessante è che le vacanze a Quimper non sono necessariamente costose. …

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Mary M
Mary M

Una bellissima cattedrale della città con un centro medievale. Un buon posto da visitare con molte attrazioni turistiche così come supermercati, ipermercati e molti buoni ristoranti. Merita una visita

Vicki C
Vicki C

Bella città medievale con negozi e ristoranti.

Jackie B
Jackie B

A relaxed kind of place, modern Quimper is still active enough to have the bars – and the atmosphere – to make it worth going out café-crawling. "The charming little place" known to Flaubert takes at most half an hour to cross on foot. The town's name comes from "kemper", denoting the junction of the two rivers, the Steir and the Odet, around which are the cobbled streets (now mainly for pedestrians) of the medieval quarter, dominated by the cathedral nearby. As the Odet curves from east to southwest it's crossed by numerous low, flat bridges, bedecked with geraniums and chrysanthemums in the autumn. You can stroll along the boulevards on both banks of the river, where several ultramodern edifices blend in a surprisingly harmonious way with their ancient – and attractive – surroundings. Overlooking all are the wooded slopes of Mont Frugy. There's no great pressure in Quimper to rush around monuments or museums, and the most enjoyable option may be to take a boat and drift down "the prettiest river in France" to the open sea at Benodet.

Ulrich Kronenberg
Ulrich KronenbergErkelenz

schöne Stadt; Kathedrale, bretonisches Museum

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