Vacanze a Kota SabangIndonesia
Sogni una vacanza in Indonesia? Kota Sabang è quello che fa per te. Offre qualcosa per tutti i gusti e tutte le età, come Curug Ciparay e Rubiah Island. E l'aspetto ancora più interessante è che le vacanze a Kota Sabang non sono necessariamente costose. Confrontiamo centinaia di opzioni di …

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Yuna Gena
Yuna GenaSamarinda

As one tiny administrative city at the most north-western part of Indonesia, Sabang allures so many domestic and non-domestic visitors mostly with its beautiful beaches and splendid underwater attractions; enormous diving and snorkeling spots. For Indonesian, reaching Sabang is like an existence to have arrived at the most western part of the archipelago, which is remarked by the certificate of KM Zero. Adding to that, Sabang is affordable and lesser crowd than any other popular islands in Indonesia that have beaches and water as its main attraction.

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