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18 Città europee da vedere nel 2018

Innovative, divertenti, romantiche: Skyscanner ha selezionato le 18 città europee da vedere nel 2018. Una collezione di bellissime destinazioni europee perfette per un anno che, già immaginiamo, sarà ricco di viaggi ed emozioni, da vivere con una grande dose di energia e curiosità. Abbiamo scelto città europee di grande personalità, creative, particolari... insomma perfette per viaggiatori non turisti. Tutte città dal fascino unico, in alcuni casi ancora poco battute, tutte da scoprire! Ecco la lista delle 18 città europee da vedere nel 2018

Dalle coste frastagliate della Francia, alle suggestive sponde del Mediterraneo, passando per i grandi classici d’Europa come Valencia in Spagna o le meno note – come Bled in Slovenia. Città grandi e piccole, città ricche di attrazioni, capitali europee dal carattere unico, laghi incantati a due passi dall’Italia, itinerari da avventurieri e gite da marinai: date un’occhiata alle 18 città da vedere nel 2018 per un tour in Europa e regalatevi un viaggio bellissimo, che possa restarvi nella mente, nel cuore e nella memoria…

Se avete suggerimenti e volete scriverci le vostre città da vedere nel 2018, lasciate un commento in fondo all’articolo e saremo molto felici di leggerlo!

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1. Porto, Portogallo

Iniziamo la lista delle 18 città europee da vedere nel 2018 con una città che si è guadagnata il titolo di Best European Destination per il 2017: Porto. La bella portoghese è stata eletta “reginetta d’Europa” per la sua bellezza artistica, la calorosa ospitalità, l’eccellente patrimonio enogastronomico e un fascino senza fine. Appollaiata su una collina affacciata sul fiume Douro, Porto è una città su più livelli collegata da tram e ascensori, ricca di scorci romantici e custode di grandi tesori come il quartiere Ribeira, la Chiesa dos Clerigos e sua maestà il Dom Luís I. Questo ponte metallico vi ricorderà tanto la Torre Eiffel di Parigi: dopotutto a progettarlo è stato uno stretto collaboratore dello stesso Gustave Eiffel. Prima di ripartire è d’obbligo degustare le migliori annate di Porto e fare incetta di Bifana, il panino tipico portoghese ripieno di lonza aromatizzata alla paprika.

Aeroporto più vicino: Oporto Francisco Sá Carneiro (10 km)

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2. Ragusa Ibla, Italy

Here is a beautiful Sicilian with a baroque charm: Ragusa Ibla , a UNESCO World Heritage set in the southernmost province of the island of Sicily . Ragusa Ibla is an ancient district of Ragusa, the one located in the eastern part, on a hill dotted with churches, fifty or so, and finely decorated buildings. To grasp its most scenic view, go up to the highest part of Santa Maria delle Scale , and then descend again into the tangle of whitewashed alleys and topped by romantic terraces with pot-bellied railings. Wrought iron joins the white stone creating unique decorations, such as the dishes that you can taste in the two Michelin-star Duomo restaurant , the kingdom of the chefCiccio Sultano . And then off to dispose of lunch in the footsteps of Commissioner Montalbano

Nearest airport : Comiso (15 km), Catania Fontanarossa (100 km)

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3. Moscow, Russia

It will host the 2018 FIFA World Cup and welcome the first flying taxis (yes, you read that right). Beyond these two great innovations, the first that will mobilize thousands of tourists from every country in the world and the second that will revolutionize world transport, the Russian capital is closely anchored to the past, the glorious and monumental one of the Tsars , and continues to show with great pride. Moscow lets you enter the red walls of the Kremlin , among bells, cannons and museums, fills your eyes with color with the iconic St. Basil’s Cathedral and illuminates you with the golden chapels of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior . It then brings you to know Russian art in theTretyakov Gallery , to see the ballet in the legendary Bol’shoj Theater and invites you to have a cup of tea with the story in the romantic Pushkin Cafe .

Nearest airport : Moscow Sheremetyevo (30 km)

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4. Kamares, Sifnos, Grecia

Non si è ancora (e per fortuna) piegata al peso del turismo di massa, mantenendo quell’autentica atmosfera mediterranea che solo poche isole sanno ancora regalare. Lei è Sifnos, un’isola greca delle Cicladi che resta nell’ombra delle sue sorelle Mykonos e Santorini, ma che ha tanto da dare tra tramonti, spiagge e città. Tra queste c’è la portuale Kamares, che abbiamo deciso di includere nella lista delle 18 città europee da vedere nel 2018. Sì, perché Kamares è una delle perle più belle dell’Egeo, arroccata su una collina ventilata e caratterizzata da casette bianche, meravigliosi monasteri e romantici mulini a vento. Iniziate la giornata sotto il sole delle spiagge del sud, come Platy Yalos, poi gustatevi le ultime ore del giorno dalla Chiesa di Ayia Maria e cenate in una taverna tipica di Agia Marina.

Aeroporto più vicino: Atene-Eleftherios Venizelos, Milos Island National Airport, Santorini Thira (poi proseguire in traghetto)

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18 città europee da vedere nel 2018: Kamares

5. Alhambra, Granada, Spain

If you haven’t visited it yet, hurry to book your ticket. Because Granada is a wonderful city , an excellent example of the Arab style in Andalusia and a UNESCO World Heritage city . Part of a palace, part of a fortress, essentially a walled city, the Alhambra awaits you with bubbling fountains, sumptuous decorations and a unique atmosphere, magnificent during the day, amazing at night, with the walls illuminated by the pale moonlight. The name of Al-Qal aal-Hmbra means “red fortress”, probably because of the color of adobe of its outer walls … the common thread of all the views of the ciudad! Especially in summer, there may be queues and the number of daily entrances is limited: book in advance!

Nearest airport : Federico García Lorca Granada-Jaén (10 km), Malaga Pablo Ruiz Picasso (130 km)

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6. Leewarden, the Netherlands

Dear travelers, do you know Leewarden ? Don’t despair, because you will hear a lot about it during the new year. This wonderful Dutch city, capital of the northern province of Friesland , will be the European Capital of Culture 2018 ! The inhabitants are thus completing the program of a calendar full of events, which revolves around the Frisian concept of open community: ” iepen mienskip “. The fulcrum of the city, the avant-garde Fries Museum , which hosts several exhibitions – such as the one dedicated to Mata Hari , the Friesian courtesan with an intriguing and mysterious life – and another who pays homage to Escher, the most popular and brilliant Dutch artist of the twentieth century. From May it is the turn of the 11 Fountains exhibition in 11 cities of Friesland , and on 17-19 August it’s the turn of the street show Royal de Luxe , with its iconic giant characters … for a magical tale of the city.

Nearest airport : Amsterdam Schiphol (150 km)

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18 città europee da vedere nel 2018: Leewarden

7. Krakow, Poland

2018 is the right year to get to know Krakow , the pearl of southern Poland registered on the UNESCO World Heritage List . Located at the foot of the Wawel hill and embraced by the Carpathian Mountains , this is a city that still carries the aftermath of a sad but important story, clearly visible also in the shape of its center divided into two parts: Christian in the west, Jewish in the east . This last part opens the doors to an authentic world that takes the name of Kazimierz , a neighborhood not to be missed. Then there is the ancient Jagiellonian University , attended among others by Copernicus and the future Pope Wojtyla, and a very special event: the Juwenalia Krakowskie , the time when the city authorities, in May , hand over the keys of the city to the student community, and a host of interesting initiatives are organized in the city.

Nearest airport : Krakow-Balice (10km)

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8. Valletta, Malta

We do not find it difficult to understand the reason for his appointment as European Capital of Culture 2018 , together with the Dutch Leewarden. Valletta is a small fortified city of wonders: the jewel designed by Jean Parisot de la Vallette , Grand Master of the Knights of San Giovanni, perfectly preserved and rich in unique monuments in the world. Four themes ( Generations, Routes, Cities, Islands ) tell, throughout 2018, a local Mediterranean steeped in history, halfway between Africa and Italy … but who speaks English. Located in the northern part of the island of Malta, Valletta awaits you with its white streets, decorated buildings, jewel churches and infinite treasures: among these, two paintings by Caravaggio , inside the Concattedrale di San Giovanni .

Nearest airport : Malta Luqa (8km)

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18 città europee da vedere nel 2018: La Valletta

9. Brighton, United Kingdom

Welcome to ” London by the Sea “. Located on the south coast of England, about an hour from London, Brighton is a charming town that you will love so much especially if you are a student, since there are two brilliant universities with excellent academic courses here. But if you have not come here to study you can always have fun in the trendy pubs, at the cinema on the beach or in the hipster streets of North Laine . In this district, there are also countless murals , which give even more color to this lively town: if you like street art you will lose your head! The Lanes area is more chic, with refined boutiques, sparkling jewelers and literary cafés: before an English tea, go and see the oriental excesses of the Royal Pavilion !

Nearest airport : London Gatwick (45km)

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10. Bled, Slovenia

If you want to be amazed and want to amaze (maybe your better half), this is the city of 2018 perfect for you. Its name is Bled , it is located in Slovenia and offers the most romantic postcard view in Europe, the one that every lover or dreamer would like to have impressed on his heart and mind. We are talking about the vision – more than real, believe us – of a green island surrounded by the blue of an alpine lake. The Slovenian island can only be reached by water, on board a typical boat, the Pletna , ferried by expert boatmen who remain standing for the entire time of the journey. A few minutes and you arrive on the 99 steps that lead to the Church of the Assumption of Mary. Once back on the mainland, go to Bled Castle and admire the view that surrounds you, or arm yourself with trekking shoes and climb the Grajski grič hill .

Nearest airport : Ljubljana Brnik (40 km)

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11. Alacati, Turkey

If you love surfing, here is a city to see in 2018: Alacati ! Just 30 kilometers from Izmir (or Izmir) there is this real paradise for table lovers, an idyllic village that hosts hordes of surfers from all over the world every year, attracted by the strong north winds that blow throughout the Peninsula of Cesme and in the Bay of Ilica . But do not be frightened by the strength of Eolo, because this is the right place for the baptism of the wave: if you are a beginner you can rely on one of the many surf schools in the place. Waves aside, the city of Alacati is also the perfect destination for archeology lovers: here are the excavations of Ephesus, the best preserved Roman city after our Roman Forum. After a day of historical sites and water sports, take a promenade in the center of stones and boutiques, in what is called the Saint-Tropez of Turkey .

Nearest airport : Izmir Adnan Menderes (70 km)

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12. Marseille, France

“Marseille is not a city for tourists. There is nothing to see. Its beauty cannot be photographed. It is shared. Here, you have to take sides. Get passionate.” The words of the writer Jean-Claude Izzo , born in Marseille , well express the intense character of this wonderful city in the south of France , a perfect travel destination for those who love vibrant places that they can tell. And that they do not only do it with the beauty of the monuments – which, however, are not lacking here – but also with the stories of the people, who cross night and day in this real sea port. Multiethnic city, Marseille boasts a lively cultural life: after all it was the European Capital of Culturejust a few years ago. Start from the center for your exploration, or from the recently renovated Vieux Port , between Fort Saint-Jean and Fort Saint-Nicholas , which has seen ships dock from all over the world. But fishing boats are the real attraction: come in the morning and you will understand why …

Nearest airport : Marseille Provence (25km)

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13. Kotor, Montenegro

There is the tradition linked to the sea, the influence of Turkey and the influence of Italy . We are talking about Montenegro and one of its small big cities, Kotor , which enters rightfully on the list of our 18 European cities to see in 2018. You are the so-called “bride of the Adriatic”, a splendid city that smells of the Mediterranean but which it is so reminiscent of the Norwegian fjords because of its artfully designed cliffs as by the hand of an artist. Introducing Boka Kotoskar , or the Bay of Kotor, the most wonderful stretch of coast of the country, entered since 1979 in the list of World Heritage UNESCO. And here is the medieval old town of Kotor, characterized by the relaxed atmosphere, the sweet squares, the Cathedral of San Trifone , the Clock Tower and the Doge’s Palace . Drink a glass of Vranac (the local red) and start the journey.

Nearest airport : Tivat (about 10 km)

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14. Lucca, Italy

How about taking a tour around Lucca ? A tour of taste, among the local recipes, of history, among the many monuments, and of fun, with the cartoon festival, among the most famous in Europe. If you can’t happen here for Lucca Comics & Games , in November, don’t despair because the beautiful Tuscan will make you dream anyway starting from its fantastic “closed” square , Piazza dell’Anfiteatro , a nineteenth-century work by the brilliant architect Lorenzo Nottolini . An urban masterpiece that turns into the symbol of this city surrounded by the Apuan Alps and the countryside of the Garfagnana . Another masterpiece are the wallswith the ramparts, the doors and the secular trees, and again the Towers , like the one of the Hours and the Guinigi one . Come and discover the homeland of Giacomo Puccini and let yourself be seduced by the buccellato , its typical dessert, because as an adage from Lucca says: ” who comes to Lucca and does not eat the buccellato is like never before “.

Nearest airport : Pisa San Giusto (30 km)

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15. Tromsø, Norway

Here nature and culture shake hands leading into a magical world made of midnight suns and northern lights. We are in Tromsø , a city that takes you on the hunt for strong emotions in the far north of Norway . After all, Tromsø was one of the most significant stages for the first Arctic expeditions, and even today the Hurtigruten , the Postal , the boat of dreams of naturalists, photographers or simple travelers in search of the red sunsets of the Sea of Barent . 2018 promises to be a year full of winds for Tromsø, starting with the International Film Festival and the Northern Light Festival, two events that attract visitors from all over the world. But it is also a good place to fill up on adrenaline: here you can practice the most diverse sports, from kayaking to dog sledding.

Nearest airport : Tromsø Langnes (5 km)

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16. Valencia, Spain

Culture, nightlife, tradition. It may be a great classic, but Valencia never tires and represents the perfect holiday for the modern traveler. Yes, because the third city in Spain , after Madrid and Barcelona, ​​is one of the most beautiful destinations in the whole country, with its mix of Catalan and Andalusian culture , the architectural masterpieces of Calatrava , the great popular festival of the Fallas , the beaches in loss of sight and the party districts: one above all, the Barrio del Carmen . Before spending a noche de fuego , explore the alleys of the historic center among towers, cathedrals and palaces, lose your mind in the City of Arts and Sciences, take a trip to the Oceanogràfic , one of the largest marine parks in the world, and let yourself be conquered by the Iberian delights of the Plaza del Mercado … always if you don’t want to opt for a paella- based lunch !

Nearest airport : Valencia Manises (approx. 10 km)

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17. Heidelberg, Germany

2018 is the right year to go to discover the romantic side of Germany , the one where it would be worth living a love story … Then we take you to a city still little known by the Italians but very famous among Northern travelers Europe: here is Heidelberg , in Baden-Württemberg . The Alte Brücke bridge crosses the Neckar river while the manor, perched on the Königstuhl mountain , frames the village, a stone’s throw from the Odenwald forest . Go to discover the dungeons of the castle and go down to the cellars, where the largest barrel in the world is kept, consisting of 130 oak trunks, 8 meters long, 7 wide and with a capacity of well at 221,726 liters! Then head to Kornmarkt , Heidelberg’s most beautiful square, and take a tour of Germany’s oldest university , the one where students of the caliber of Max Weber and Karl Jaspers have enrolled !

Nearest airport : Frankfurt am Main (95 km)

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18. Mostar, Bosnia Herzegovina

Here is the highest bell tower in Bosnia Herzegovina , that of the Franjevačka crkva Church , there are a thousand different varieties of Bosnian lily, those of the Ruište Natural Park , and there is a bridge wanted by an Ottoman sultan, then destroyed and finally rebuilt as a symbol of the city, the Stari Most . Welcome to Mostar , a special travel destination because of its history related to the war and its shape, which has its main artery in the Neretva river , which flows sinuously under the humpback arch of the famous bridge. This is a UNESCO World Heritage citywhich has found its savior in tourism: travelers choose it for its precious Old Town , Stari Grad , for its unspoiled nature and for an excellent quality-price ratio. Go and discover it in 2018!

Nearest airport : Mostar International Airport (8km)

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Le 18 Città Europee da vedere nel 2018

Le più belle città europee da vedere per un viaggio in Europa indimenticabile

Città Paese Aeroporto più vicino
1. Oporto Portogallo Oporto
2. Ragusa Ibla Italia Comiso
3. Mosca Russia Mosca
4. Kamares Grecia Atene, Santorini
5. Alhambra Spagna Granada-Jaén
6. Leeuwarden Paesi Bassi Amsterdam
7. Cracovia Polonia Cracovia
8. La Valletta Malta Malta Luqa
9. Brighton Regno Unito Londra
10. Bled Slovenia Lubiana
11. Alacati Turchia Smirne
12. Marsiglia Francia Marsiglia
13. Kotor Montenegro Tivat
14. Lucca Italia Pisa
15. Tromsø Norvegia Tromsø
16. Valencia Spagna Valencia
17. Heidelberg Germania Francoforte
18. Mostar Bosnia Herzegovina Mostar


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